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Name:Mr. Dian Ramadhan [Marketing]
Mobile Number:02295154810, 087822306555
Phone Number:022-69789090
Fax Number:022-6865330
Address:Jl. Raya Caringin No.391 Padalarang
Bandung 40552, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Jan. 10, 2011
Last Updated:Mar. 20, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Sports & Entertainment category

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Company Brief

SPORTS EQUIPMENT various brands at wholesale prices / dealers / resellers, pricing information Contact: 022-95154810, 0878.2230.6555, Email: alatolahraga@ yahoo.co.id

Providing service provision and procurement needs of the Project / Tender for Government Agencies and private companies, schools etc..

Categories of products that are supplied as follows:

Soccer, Futsal Ball, Volley Ball, Basketball, takraw ball, Tennis Ball, Table Tennis Ball, Tennis Ball, Medicine Ball, Handball, Badminton Net, Volleyball Net, Net takraw, Net Table Tennis, Badminton Racket, Tennis Racquet, Tennis Bat Table, Glass Eye Centre, Frog Legs, Board Buoy, Head Covers, Hand Paddle, Stick Relay, Javelin, Bullets, Starting Block, Table Tennis Table, Ring Basketball, Gymnastics Matras, Pluit, Stopwatch, dumbbells, Skipping, Clothes Karate , Clothes etc. Taekwondo.

There are various famous brands, among others:

- Jabulani Adidas soccer ball, Terapass Adidas, Adidas F50 Replique, Adidas Capitano, Adidas Finale, Teamgeist Adidas, Nike T90 Strike, Nike Mercurial, Nike Tracer, Volo Nike, Nike Blaze, Mikasa SLC 85, SLC 80 Mikasa, Mikasa S5L, etc. .

- Global Mitre Futsal ball, Mitre Hurricane, Mitre Cosmic, Vertigo Mitre, Mitre Respond, Max Mitre Futsal Tempest Mitre, Mitre Mania, Specs Latuga, Specs Vigo, Specs Vega, Specs Sprito, etc.

- Mikasa MV210 Volleyball, Mikasa MVA200, Mikasa MVA300, MVA310 Mikasa, Mikasa MVA330, MV2200 MG Mikasa, Mikasa MG Gold, Mikasa MV900 MG Gold, Mikasa MVP200NC MG, MG Mikasa Super Gold, VWL210S MG Mikasa, Molten V5VC1, Molten V5VC2, V58 SLC1 Molten, Molten SLC2 V58, V58 SLC2 Molten Gold, Molten V5M 3500, etc..

- Ace Basketball Mikasa, Mikasa BD500, BR120 Mikasa, Mikasa BR1200, BR1500 Mikasa, Mikasa BX512, BX712 Mikasa, Molten GR7, Molten GL7, GF7 Molten, Molten GM7, BGR7 Molten, Molten GQ72, GO7 Molten, Molten FX7, Molten GG7 , GD7 Molten, Molten The Mark, Warrior Molten, Nike baller, Lebron, Spalding Never Plate, NBA Gold, Rubber style, Timber Wolves, etc..

- Carbonex Yonex Badminton Racket, Yonex Muscle Power, Yonex Armortec, Arscaber Yonex, Yonex Nano Speed, RS Duratech Chrome, Extra Power RS, RS Micro Saber

- Marathon takraw ball MT 101, MT 201, MT 301, 501 Golden Ball, Golden Elephant, etc. Rattan takraw ball.
- Tennis Ball Dunlop, Tens, Adonis, Nassau, etc..
- Butterfly Table Tennis Ball, DHS, Nittaku, Double Fish, Donic, etc..
- Molten Medicine Ball
- Molten Handball
- Yonex shuttlecocks, Gadjah Mada University, Kiwi, Saporete, Paradise, Garuda, etc. RSL.
- Badminton Net Yonex, Carlton, Reinforce Speed, Toalson, etc..
- Net Volley GTO, Mizuno, Toalson, Supra
- Net takraw GTO, Mizuno, Winstar
- DHS Table Tennis Net, sai te Ao, Lion, Dunlop
- Tennis Racquet Babolat, Dunlop
- DHS Table Tennis Bat, Butterfly, Nittaku
- Glass Eye Centre, Frog Legs, Board Buoy, Head Covers, Hand Paddle, etc..
- Stick Relay, Javelin, Bullets, Starting Block, etc..
- Table Tennis Tables Butterfly, Nittaku, Double Fish, etc..
- Ring Basketball, Basketball Ring Nets + Board
- Matras Gymnastics, Wrestling, Yoga, etc.
- Pluit Fox 40 Classic. Classic CMG, Whistle, Mini, Dolphin, Shark, etc..
- Stopwacth Diamond, Casio, Roxx, Quartz, etc..
- Cones FBT
- Dumbbells
- Skipping Rope
- Etc.

There are also products such as: sports shoes, sport shirt, sport training, sports jackets, sports bags, sports hats, sports Souvenir, Accesoris sports.


For Information and Booking Please Contact:
- Dian Ramadan + 6222.9515.4810, + 62878.2230.6555
Email: alatolahraga@ yahoo.co.id

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